Space Settings

–  Space Settings: This provides you with some options that make you re-build the Space Page by your ideas

1. Title page: the text shown on the top site bar

2. Image banner: You should use an image with size: 1920 x 500(px)

–  Space Review :

Click on Dashboard > Settings > Space Settings

  • Write Review: Allow you to turn ON/OFF review form for Space
  • Enable review after booking: Check to the box to REQUIRE booking a Space before doing Review
  • Review approved: Check to the box to REQUIRE admin's approving the Review before Public
  • Review criteria: You can also create other evaluation criteria for your Space by clicking the button Add new or red trash icon on the right top of each option.

Booking Fee:

From version 1.3.0, Admin can Add Booking fees for space and tour, such as tax fees, Insurance fees, booking fees... All these fees will come to Admin Amount

Navigate to Settings > Space Settings scroll down to Booking Buyer Fees, similar to Tour just need to input the fees you want to add for Space

Vendor Option:

There are 2 options to limit vendor processing rights:

  • Space created by the vendor must be approved by admin: When a vendor posts a service, it needs to be approved by administrator Or not
  • Allow vendor can change their booking status

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