2- 500 Error after installing

1. The reason for 500|Server error

* TURN ON the Debug to know the reason of issues

Go to public_html/.evn file, open to turn TRUE the debug

1 - Access Denied for User: After installing the Deny Warning is showed because of the connection

2 - After installing, the 500|Server Error is shown, try to TURN ON the debug to see the reason of issues

SQLSTATE[28000][1045] Access Denied for User

Another ERROR is SQL STATE[42S02] Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'booking_core.core_setting' doesn't exist...

=> The installation is failed, it hasn't built any table and has not imported any data yet

2. Fix 500 ERROR

1 - Delete the .env file + storage/installed.php file

2 - Create new DB and new User

Navigate to MySQL Databases to create new DB

Create new DB

Create new User

Assign Database to User

2 - Start Install New site

Open your site with /install link and start to install

If press to TEST button then see the WARNING DENIED => you need to re-check your DB and the current user

This is Valid Notify

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